A shrinking planet.

Hey gang,

Sorry for the long lapse between posts.  I’ve been very busy over at VFS.  There’s the teaching, the grading and the development of new content…  And then there’s travel!  I was recently asked to be a part of a group of instructors to travel abroad to represent the school.

This go round, I took a trip to India.  (Last year I had an opportunity to attend a conference in Monterrey Mexico)  We were to do 2 day workshops across the south of the country. What an experience!

In a about 10 days in country, we hit up Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Bangalore.  All along the way we met enthusiastic students, and warm and welcoming faculty.  We taught Maya modeling and animation, and showed off the work produced by our students.  It was a great success, with the Indian students being very enthusiastic and receptive.

Now that I’ve returned from the literal other side of the globe, I’ve been busy learning a bit of scripting, and working to bring a bit more cross pollination to our course.  That’s what happens when spend time with other teachers.  Ideas percolate.  Things happen!  🙂

PS Lufthansa is the only airline that I love now.  They know what air travel is supposed to be like.  🙂


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