The Shape of 2016 (The year ahead)

Hey everyone,

I’d like to start by saying that I’m loving my new roll as an Art Instructor (@ Vancouver Film School). That said, my focus has shifted away from being vehicle centric and also from concept art.

I now work primarily in 3D. Teaching everything from the Introductory levels of Photoshop, all the way through Maya and Z-Brush. We go from modifying a picture of a celebrity, to rigging and animating characters. It’s a wild ride (And all inside of 1 year no less).

With the large change in my career, this blog is now going to reflect that.

I’ll be shifting away from vehicle centric posts (Though it will always be my love and my passion). I’ll be posting with bits here and there about new art, techniques, and maybe feature some cool stuff that former students are working on/have worked on.

Come with me on the new adventure.

(Happy 2016)

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