Back to the mother ship.

Hey gang,

As you may or may not have noticed, I have gone a bit quiet lately, and that is due to my return to Electronic Arts as a Temporary Full Time employee.  (In-house employee on a contract)

As such, I’m working on an IP that I can’t talk about, or post art from.  So anything that comes up on here in the near future will be personal work.
I have also had to make the switch from 3Ds Max, to Maya…  It’s not as rough as I thought it would be, though I gotta stay true to my roots and say that Maya is super slow for poly modeling when compared to the work flows of 3Ds Max.  😛

But it’s all good fun!  Also, I’m going to be picking up the new Quixel suite of tools (NDo, DDo, 3Do, etc.), as for a freelancer, it’s only $100!!!
Go check it out!


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