New piece in the Sketchbook.

I’ve started getting back into my 3D roots, and as such, have posted a work in progress piece in the Sketchbook section.

This environmental piece is my latest work in 3Ds Max.  The inspiration for the piece is an old abandoned hotel in Columbia.  It’s a beautiful building constructed in 1928, near a falls and a river.  Unfortunately, it became abandoned when the tourists stopped coming due to environmental pollution in the area.

My goal here is to create a current gen (XB1/PS4/PC) modular building.  I am currently in the UV unwrapping stage, which should go quickly, and then its on to the biggest step, materials and lighting!  For the purposes of posting here, I just grabbed so view port shots in 3Ds Max.  No materials or proper lighting, just screen caps brought into Photoshop and cropped into place.  I’ll be updating this as I go.

Stay tuned for updates on these pieces, as well as further releases in my Need For Speed: Rivals series.




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